One Step at a Time

"It's so hard talking to you. You're so stubborn and narrow-minded." "You want to quarantine so that you don't have to do chores." These words my parents said to me replay in my head as I sit in the room anxiously waiting for my test results to come back out, hoping to safely reintegrate with my family after flying in from the East Coast. 2-4 more days left. I know my parents were probably joking or dealing with their own frustrations when those words rolled out of their mouths. 

Sometimes I wonder if quarantining was all futile due to the whole house air circulation. Or my brief interactions with my family as I head out to take a walk or bike ride. I sense my throat getting sore and start to wonder if my sense of smell has deteriorated. Sometimes my mind leaps to agonizing about the possibility of months of brain fog that might occur from COVID-19. 

But at some point, I don't have to worry about getting brain fog for the rest of my life or about taking a risk to fly back to the East Coast within the next two months. I'll focus on letting go of my hypervigilant tendencies. I'll focus on today. 

How will I keep myself fulfilled while waiting for the COVID test results to come back? 

What am I excited about doing when I reintegrate with my family with whom I haven't had close physical contact for months?

I'll take it one day at a time. One hour at a time. One minute at a time. 

One step at a time. 


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