The Impact of Approximately 0%

You might think: wow I’m 1 out of 7,500,000,000+ people. That’s approximately 0%. In the midst of global crises, it seems as if the impact you can make is roughly 0%. Great. :/

I feel. Cupertino is only one city that I lobbied to push from stronger climate policies, Cupertino High school was the one school where I contributed to the environmental club, my family only consists of 3 other people. 

But what if because there are so many people there is the possibility that there is at least one that shares some of your views? What you care about? They might not be apparent. They might be hiding what they care about because they believed the world didn’t care (that was me for a while to some people). But they are there. Or maybe they’re your role model but only if you’ve heard about them. The fact that there are so many people means that there inevitably means that there are people who care about making the changes in the world you care about. 

Someone once told me that the impact you make is like a dandelion. It starts out with a single seed then spreads to a field. Imagine a field with hundreds of dandelions. Thousands of dandelions. Millions of dandelions each representing someone else trying to make a positive impact on the world. 


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