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Selected Thoughts From High School

A lot of things didn’t make sense to me in high school, and oftentimes I would pose questions and put my thoughts on Facebook. Is it possible that people are neither good or bad, but that they only have a perception of what they deem important? For instance, greedy people may put a disproportionately large importance on material possessions. Cheaters may put a disproportionately large importance on success. In contrast, selfless people may prioritize helping others and people of integrity may prioritize moral values over success. What does this mean to us? What should our priorities be? Let me just accept myself for who I am and acknowledge that even though I accept myself, I can be much better than I am right now. We judge ourselves based on our past achievements and failures. My past achievements and past failures are in the past. That, I cannot change however much I wish I could. I shall simply work in the present for the future. I'm used to a sy